Taskeen (an Urdu word meaning ‘to give comfort to’) is a mental health initiative, being led by experts or individuals who have been, directly or indirectly, affected by mental illness. We are a diverse group comprising mental health professionals, students, journalists, caregivers and individuals who are recovering from mental illness. Our aim is to serve as a platform for everyone who is passionate about raising awareness regarding mental health in Pakistan.

The backbone of Taskeen are dedicated volunteers who want to change the face of mental health in Pakistan. Taskeen was founded in January 2015 as a collaboration between the Pakistan Association for Mental Health, Humanity Initiative and CareForHealth.

Who we are

What we do

Mental health and emotional well-being are topics insufficiently addressed in our society resulting in great suffering for those who are affected by mental health problems and their families. This problem is prevalent in all age groups and socio-economic classes and is steadily increasing with time. In fact, some experts postulate that approximately 20 million people in Pakistan suffer from mental health problems.

Taskeen strives to address this problem by generating a dialogue around emotional and mental health and, in the process, spread awareness about mental illness. We believe the language currently used for mental health is difficult to understand for laymen, leading to the alienation of sufferers. As a result, we have set out to interpret mental health in a humanistic manner which focuses on the experiential and existential aspects of mental illness. This mental health portal is a manifestation of this approach and we hope through this we can encourage people to get involved in tackling Pakistan’s mental health burden and help us realize our vision for a world in which people practice emotional hygiene and those affected, by mental health problems, can get the help that they need.

Some other mediums that help us fulfill our mission include:

1.) Community based-workshops which we have started conducting in Karachi and test piloted in Lahore. These workshops are designed for the ages 10 years and above and provide knowledge about mental health and emotional well-being in an interactive and experiential manner.
2.) Publicity and creative events such as the theatre play Suno! which was performed in April 2016 at the Arts Council in Karachi
3.) Campaigns on social and mass media: print-ads, TV ads, animations, photo stories
4.) Peer support groups
5.) Wellness centers


Organisational Supporters