About Taskeen

Taskeen (an Urdu word meaning ’to give comfort to’) is a public mental health initiative which works for the promotion of wellness and prevention of mental illness in Pakistan. We aim to become a platform where anyone with an interest in mental health can converge and come up with innovative interventions to reduce the burden and ease the suffering of those affected by mental health problems in Pakistan. The bedrock of Taskeen is the Wellness Philosophy through which we hope to take a resilience based approach rather than a deficit based approach towards mental health.

Who We Are

What We Do

There is a severe stigma attached to all forms of mental illness in Pakistan. Our humanistic approach of explaining mental health emphasises that all of us can be involved in preventing Pakistan’s mental health to burden to exacerbate. Therefore we see ourselves, first and foremost, as a prevention initiative. Taskeen spreads awareness about mental health and emotional hygiene through a variety of mediums including community based workshops, publicity and creative events (such as the theatre play Suno! which was performed in April 2016 at the Arts Council in Karachi), campaigns on social and mass media: print-adds, TV adds, animations, photo stories, organising peer support groups - …any possible medium through which awareness can be spread!

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