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    Rules and Regulations

    The Taskeen forum is intended to serve as a peer support platform for community members to share their experiences and to engage in a dynamic, constructive dialogue on mental health.

    By creating an account for the forum, members agree to use this platform in a manner that aligns with our values of mutual respect, care, compassion and support for each other. We do not provide online diagnoses and our experts do not make revisions to anyone’s diagnosis, medication or therapy plans. The purpose of the forum is to connect community members, encourage a discussion on mental health, to raise awareness and address the stigma associated with mental illness, and to guide and support members towards appropriate resources and/or professional services. If you wish to directly contact the Taskeen team for volunteering or for booking a session, you can get in touch with us through the contact page: http://taskeen.org/contact/

    In consideration of our community guidelines and values, members are requested to refrain from:

    • Posting, triggering or placing graphic content about suicide and/or self-injury
    • Posting profanities, vulgarities, abuse, personal or targeted insults against any individuals or groups
    • Giving advice on medication
    • Attempting to diagnose a member, or dispute a diagnosis given to a member by a mental health professional
    • Posting self-promotional content, business advertising, fund-raising ventures
    • Posting spam, malicious content, shortened URLs, hidden links
    • Posting personal information or names of any individuals you may choose to discuss. If you speak about a particular person (a suffering friend, your own psychiatrist), please refer to them non-identifiably, i.e. do not call them by their name, but in which relation they are to you (sister, father, friend, therapist, etc.)

    This forum does not serve as an emergency helpline, and moderators may take anywhere between 1 – 6 hours to (dis)approve a post. In case you are or someone you know is suicidal and require immediate support or medical attention, please contact:

    • MIND Helpline for Suicide Prevention (Lahore) 042-35761999
    • Jinnah Hospital (Karachi) 021-99201300
    • Aga Khan University Hospital (Karachi) 021-34930051 | 021-34933090

    In order to create a safe space for all members and to better guide visitors towards appropriate resources, the forum moderator will review all first-time and follow-up/reply posts before they appear publicly on the forum.

    In the event that your post does not comply with the forum guidelines a moderator may not allow it to become public. Moderators may edit original posts for purposes of categorization, tagging, clarity and readability of content, as well as to ensure all community members’ privacy, confidentiality and safety.

    If the moderators believe that your query/discussion requires attention from a psychiatrist or a therapist, they may direct one of our experts to the discussion. The experts profiles can be seen in the About page.

    While we do our best to ensure the privacy and anonymity of all members, we do encourage you to fill out your demographic information. This information will not be disclosed to anyone (or displayed publically), and will only be used to better guide you towards appropriate services and resources according to your needs.

    Creating an account via Facebook or Google and choosing what information to share on the forum is at the user’s own risk and discretion.

    Members under 18 years of age may be restricted from viewing rated/sensitive discussions.

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