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    What’s OK and what’s not OK to post?

    What’s OK to post?

    “I think my sister is depressed. How do I convince her to visit a therapist?”

    “My father was diagnosed with schizophrenia last month. Could I also have inherited the illness from him?”

    “How can I better manage my anxiety at work? The stress is starting to affect my performance.”

    “What can I do to mend my relationship with my parents? They don’t seem to care about me at all.”

    “Looking for workshops or sessions for parents on how to manage difficult behaviour in children!”

    “Looking for a psychiatrist in Quetta for 40 y.o. female”

    “I’ve been reading a book ‘Sometimes I Act Crazy’ and it’s helped me understand my own personality disorder a lot better. Here are some memoirs by authors with borderline personality.”

    “I found a great way to manage stress and feel productive with horticulture therapy, here are some tips on gardening and horticulture for anyone else interested in alternative forms of therapy”

    What’s not OK to post?

    “My psychiatrist is *&@! Can someone please recommend different meds for me?”

    “All you need is faith, you’re not really depressed, stop taking medication!”

    “Please visit my Facebook page for more make-up tutorials”

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