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    I want to be healthy

    I want myself healthy. I want to spend my life like others. I always starts somthing for myself just to over come my fears my mental issues. But i always become loser. I always fail in everything whether its relationship with others whether its about any work regarding my future. I always fail in everything. I cant keep good relationship with anything.

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    Thank you for sharing your concerns with the Taskeen community. This topic is open to replies (discussion, suggestions, support) from all community members. Talking about our difficulties with someone we trust and/or with a mental health professional can also help us understand how and why our problems arise, and what we can do to improve our health, performance & relationships.

    Reading more about emotional health and mental health may guide your understanding of how to address these difficulties. You can also explore therapy options in the Professional Help section, and find a therapist in your area through the Seek Help section.

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