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    Self-assesment help


    I have been prescribed a rainbow of medicines in the past 10 years to cope with issues particularly those associated to my behavior. Since my doctor moved abroad 5 years ago, I continued with the regimen which I eventually gave up due to the inability to cope with my responsibilities as the medicines slowed me down.

    I want to know if there’s someone I can talk to to evaluate my current situation, advise an improvement course and keep me off medicines unless absolutely necessary.

    Any help and guidance in this regard will be highly appreciated.

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    Hi Gamal,

    Thank you for your query. Perhaps learning more about recovery (http://taskeen.org/learn/recovery-2/) and professional help (http://taskeen.org/learn/professional-health/) and then seeing a professional (http://taskeen.org/seek-help/) may be useful.


    I would agree with the above and also advise you to first read up on your diagnosis (if it was ever given by your psychiatrist).

    When reading or getting information from the web its always a good idea to consult authentic materials. There are plenty of websites that offer good quality advice and guidelines including,

    1. the royal college of psychiatrists website .
    2. National Institute of mental health
    3. Mayo Clinic
    4. NICE guideline

    I would also advise you to see a psychologist if you haven’t seen one yet. Sometimes psychological therapy is all that is needed.

    Hope this helps.

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