Shameen’s Story

My name is Shameen and I am a cook. My husband’s name is Tariq and he is a technician. We have six kids who have gotten education and are working now.

I have had diabetes for the past seven years. Four years ago, before my daughter was about to leave to pursue her education at Holy Family Nursing School, I got paranoid that I will die when she will leave and she won’t be able to see me alive by the time she comes back after four years. My husband contracted Hepatitis C and the stress of his health and my daughter leaving triggered my depression. That’s why, even though my daughter’s education was free at Holy Family, I chose to send her to Liaqat National Hospital Nursing School.

I felt like I was going to die and I couldn’t sleep. I would lie on the bed and close my eyes but I still couldn’t sleep in fear that if I sleep, I will die. I lost all interest in home so I used to go out and come back home after 9pm. My family was worried about me. I also wanted to leave my job. I was not normal at home and was in a state of panic and anxiety. I went to the church and prayed, I also went to the priests, hoping that they would cure me. At night I used to feel like needles were piercing me all over my body. I used to call my friend, who I consulted quite often, at five in the morning saying I don’t know what to do.

My friend helped me a lot. She, my husband and Taha took me to many doctors and everyone thought that all my symptoms were because of diabetes. Doctors used to be surprised that my sugar levels were normal and they used to scold me, so I was discouraged by their behavior and I didn’t go to them again. One day I went to my friend and started crying so she asked Taha if he could talk to me. Taha and I talked alone for an hour during which he asked me what I was feeling and asked me if I was sad all the time. He talked to me about my symptoms and I felt relaxed, so I told him things that I was hesitant in telling other doctors. He then referred me to a psychiatrist where I was treated for free. He told me to write down all the symptoms that I felt, so I could discuss them with my doctor. I went to the psychiatrist with my husband and after talking to the doctor for an hour, she diagnosed me with depression. She gave me a pill which I took for two days and I immediately felt better. It was like magic. I now take my medicine regularly and go for follow ups.

My husband’s friend’s wife was also experiencing the same symptoms as I was, so I told her to go to my psychiatrist. She also feels much better now. I have told everyone in my family about my condition and that I go to a psychiatrist. They used to say that someone had performed black magic on me or that I was captured by the Jinn.

I want to tell everyone that if you feel the way I did, you should go to the doctor immediately. Just like your body can get ill, your mind can also get ill.